Research Activities

The aim of my research is to study the long-term relationship between gender equality and economic growth. To do so, I rely on insights from sociologists, demographers, historians and anthropologists, even if my approach remains that of an economist specialized in cliometrics.  As a main area of expertise, I focus on the iconic case of France – in a European comparative perspective – using transversal and longitudinal data, ranging from the 18th century.

My research is stimulated by a twofold motivation: on the one hand, the conviction that  the understanding of comparative economic development today requires a global view of the entire process of development; on the other hand, that  the  promotion of gender equality and the economic and social empowerment of women is essential to achieve sustainable development.

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  • Growth Theories” (with C. Diebolt), in: C. Diebolt, and M. Haupert, (Eds.): Handbook of Cliometrics, Editions Springer, Berlin, 2015, 2019, 2024.

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            • Seminar, WU University, Vienna, June 4 (Forthcoming).

            • Economic History Seminars, University of Zaragoza, May 22 (Forthcoming).

            • Workshop “Female Entrepreneurship in the long 20th Century”, Utrecht University, April 25-26 (Forthcoming).

            • Economic Seminar, University of Nantes, March 28 (Forthcoming).

            • 15th Swedish Economic History Meeting, Lund, September 27-29.

            • European Historical Economics Society Conference, Vienna, September 1-2.

            • 71st Annual Meeting of the French Economic Association, Paris, June 14-16.

            • Historical Demography Workshop, London School of Economics, February 23-24.

            • Workshop “Nineteenth century businesswomen. A retrospective glance at women entrepreneurship”, Lyon, December 8-9.

            • ESHET Summer School, University of Strasbourg, September 1.

            • XIX World Economic History Congress, Paris, July 25-29.

            • Journée d’étude « 50 ans du BETA », Campus Fonderie, Université de Haute-Alsace, June 3.

            • Higher Seminar in Economic History, University of Gothenburg, May 25.

            • Högre Seminarium, Uppsala University, December 6.

            • IFLAME Research Seminar, IÉSEG School of Management, December 2.

            • Economic History Seminar, University Carlos III of Madrid, November 18.

            • European Social Science History Conference, Leiden (online), March 24-27.

            • ASSA Meeting (Allied Social Science Associations), Economic History Association, Chicago (online), January 3-5.

            • 12th BETA Workshop, Strasbourg (Co-organizer) – Postponed

            • Lund Seminar in Economic History, Lund, March 25.

            • 11th BETA Workshop, Strasbourg, May 13-14 (Co-organizer)


            • Seminar, Bank of Italy, Rome, June 1.
            • LSE Economic History Seminar, London School of Economics and Political Science, May 26.
            • Macrohistory Seminar, Institute for Macroeconomics and Econometrics, University of Bonn, January 21.


            • Odense Fresh Meeting, University of Southern Denmark, November 20-21.
            • History Association Annual Meeting, Nashville, September 11-13.
            • European Historical Economics Society Conference, Pisa, September 4-5.
            • XVIIth World Economic History Congress, Kyoto, August 3-7.
            • 24th IAFFE Annual Conference – Gender Equality in Challenging Times, Berlin, July 16-18.
            • 64th Annual Meeting of the French Economic Association, Rennes, June 22-24.
            • German Economic History Conference: Order and chaos – Trends and Structural Breaks in Economic and Social History, Münster, March 11-14.
            • Women in Changing Labor Markets Workshop, Lund, March 11-13.
            • HEDG Seminar, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, March 3.

            • Deep Causes of Economic Development, Utrecht University, December 18-20.
            • Debunking Austerity: Towards Alternative Economic Policy Scenarios, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, November 17-18.
            • Economic Seminar, Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, September 23.
            • Journée du BETA 2014, Strasbourg, March 21.

            • 62nd Annual Meeting of AFSE, Invited Session, Aix-en-Provence, June 24-26.
            • ASSA Meeting (Allied Social Science Associations), American Economic Association, San Diego, January 4-6.
            • 9th BETA-Workshop in Historical Economics: “New Data, Methods and Theories in Cliometrics”, Poster Session, Strasbourg, May 3-4.

            • XIV Colloque de l’Association Charles Gide pour l’étude de la pensée économique, Nice-Sophia Antipolis, June 7-9.
            • Journée Doctorale Augustin Cournot, Strasbourg, June 1.
            • 8th BETA-Workshop in Historical Economics: “Population Cliometrics and Unified Growth Theory”, Strasbourg, May 11-12.
            • Pisa FRESH Meeting, Pisa, April 19-20.

            • ASSA Meeting (Allied Social Science Associations), Cliometric Society, Denver, January 7-9.
            • 9th EHES Conference, Dublin, September 2-3.
            • Second joint doctoral workshop of University of Strasbourg/BETA and KIT, Strasbourg, November 4.

            • 5th Sound Economic History Workshop, Lund, October 7-8.
            • Workshop on Human Capital in Economic History. Measurement, Determinants and Implication, Tübingen, August 28-29.